February 06, 2022

The God of Small Things | A Mug and a Book Recommendation with Crook in a Book

By Alli Parrett
The God of Small Things | A Mug and a Book Recommendation with Crook in a Book

This week we're talking complexity. We've paired Mug 16 with The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Jordan notes that Roy's novel is poetic and subtle and complex as she tells a story of a family unraveling after a tragic event. If you're an avid reader or in the lit world, there's been a lot of discussion about trauma or traumatic narratives as of late. While I think it's a worthwhile discussion to have, I'm of the opinion that these stories, when told with care, can be healing, cathartic, worthwhile, and/or educational. Based on Jordan's recommendation it sounds like Arundhati Roy has done just that and I have added this book to my forever growing to-be-read pile. 

We've paired The God of Small Things with Small Mug 16. In its own way, this mug is full of complexities, particularly when it comes to the glaze. The exterior of this white stoneware mug is admittedly why we paired this mug and book together. when we first started testing this glaze, we used it over white and clear glazes creating softer greens with brown speckles. But when we started using it to coat the entire exteriors of our mugs, we found that it pools to create this deep, metallic green. So many details to appreciate about this mug. 

Visit our shop to see this and other available wares and check out the Crook in a Book blog to read more about Arundhati Roy's novel.  

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